school: an older woman in a tye dye shirt holding a back to school sign

Back to School fun

Residents at Williamsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center wanted to join in on the fun since it is back to school season and give you a sneak peek of what they have been up to. The residents have some pretty wise goals for the year. Thanks to the crafty social worker, Courtney Cox, for making these…

a woman and a dog looking at the camera

Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day to Williamsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center’s sweet Bella. Bella has brought so much joy to the residents, staff, families, and visitors. They always enjoy loving on her, but the other day they loved on her a little extra.

physical therapy: a younger woman placing her hand on the arm of an older man holding a squeeze ball

Why Physical Therapy for Older Adults is Important

Many people don’t feel the need to keep in physical shape when they get older. Consequently, many of those older adults end up needing to use a walker, fall more often, and become depressed. The best person for any grandparent is to get a physical therapist that specializes in geriatrics. Like those you find in…