physical therapy: a younger woman placing her hand on the arm of an older man holding a squeeze ball

Why Physical Therapy for Older Adults is Important

Many people don’t feel the need to keep in physical shape when they get older. Consequently, many of those older adults end up needing to use a walker, fall more often, and become depressed. The best person for any grandparent is to get a physical therapist that specializes in geriatrics. Like those you find in…

Dementia: a sign for long-term care

Virtual Dementia Tour

Williamsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center hosted a Virtual Dementia Tour last week with the help of Arlene Gibson, Cumberland Valley District Long Term Care Ombudsman and staff who facilitated the program. Thank you from all of the staff for allowing them to experience this very informative program. Also, thank you to the Infection Control/Staff Development,…

Camping: a tent with foliage set up inside

Camping “Trip”

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! They came, they saw, and they went camping. Staff and residents had a blast snacking on s’mores, catching up on a little relaxation, and fishing. Thank you to the staff who helped make the “camp out” a success.

Garden: a woman laughing while working with green beans

Garden Club at the HRC

Garden Club at Williamsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center is one of the residents favorite activities. Their fingers may be sore from stringin’ and breakin’ beans, but as one of the residents said, “it’s part of it.” People can’t wait to give them a taste.

a woman holding a dog and smiling at the camera

Dog Days of Summer

Residents and staff at Williamsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center celebrated the Dog Days of Summer with a “dog day”. There were so many loving dogs that gave out quite a few kisses to the residents. It’s always a treat getting to love on a few extra furry friends.

Fresh Berry Cobbler

Can you think of anything that says “Summertime” more than a good fresh berry cobbler? Our residents spent their afternoon fixing a delicious cobbler and enjoying the fruits of their labors. Cooking class was certainly a hit today!

Summer: an older woman holding a water gun at the camera and another woman holding a water balloon

First Day of Summer

What better way to kick off the first day of Summer than with a little water fun. Residents at Williamsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center made a “splash” with some water-guns and water balloons. They also got in a little exercise with a beach-ball toss. All in all a great day with the outdoors.

Nurse Aide: group of people in scrubs smiling at the camera

Nurse Aide Appreciation Week

Last week Williamsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center celebrated their fantastic group of nursing assistants with Nurse Aide Appreciation Week. These ladies and gentlemen work tirelessly to ensure that the residents receive excellent care. They are the heart of the home and Williamsburg HRC is blessed because of them. Thank you to all of the EXCELLENT…