Staff and their families gathered on Friday night to have their annual Christmas party and recognize each other for the work they put in to make 2017 an incredible year. Administrator Laura Creekmore has one of the most hard working and compassionate staffs but they also may have the ugliest sweaters to exist in the history of Christmas.

In addition to the event being a chance to celebrate Christmas, it also featured an “ugly Christmas sweater” theme and there were some absolute doozies present. Despite tough competition, the winning sweater featured a snowman inside a snow globe on the front of the shirt. It’s an award that the original fashion designer never had in mind while constructing it.

Since there have been a plethora of ugly Christmas sweaters, it became an ironic trend in 2001. Before the trend came to the U.S., it first started when two Canadians thought it would be fun to throw a bash where everyone had to wear ugly Christmas sweaters. It started out as a silly fad with friends and family before blossoming int hundreds of people attending the Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom for the annual Ugly Sweater Party every year.

As for Williamsburg HRC, they enjoyed the rest of the evening over a delicious meal, which included a honey-baked ham and filled the halls with joy. Before leaving, Creekmore was adamant about feeling blessed to have the relationships she has with co-workers and residents and feels 2018 will become an even better year for the facility.